Pamodzi for inclusive education

The Pamodzi for Inclusive Education in South-East Africa is a three (3) year project to be implemented by a transnational consortium of four organizations based in Africa funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) through the grant agent Oxfam IBIS under the Education Out Loud (EOL) program. The consortium is led by Rays of Hope Ministries, an NGO based in Malawi, and its partners: Fount for Nations – Malawi, Kesho Kenya – Kenya, and Shule Direct – Tanzania.

The project focuses on the awareness gap, and the disconnect between inclusive education policies and implementation in Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania. Despite that, there is a strong global, regional, and national policy framework on inclusive education, Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania still score low on inclusive education policy awareness and there is a huge disconnect between the policy framework and subsequent implementation. The project is the Operational Component 3; one of the three funding streams that aims at creating a stronger global and transnational enabling environment for national civil society advocacy and transparency efforts under the EOL program.


  • To improve the use of evidence on inclusive and special needs education among policy makers and influencers within the region by the end of the project
  • To develop a community driven economic and social rationale for investing in the implementation of inclusive and special needs education
  • To strengthen advocacy campaigns on key inclusive education investiment areas within the region